What’s in a Name??

Domain Names and dns

Is your mind jumbled and confused about these things?  Do you fee like these sites are talking gibberish?  Let me help.

No matter what you start online you WILL need a Domain NameWhat the hell is a domain name?  It is simply your “actual address” on the internet.  Works exactly like your home address, with a few quirks.

Lets compare a home address and a Domain Name:


123 Street Apt 22

Anytown, USA 98765

If you go through it backwards, you basically start in the USA, go to a Town, Street, Apartment number and find YOU at your door.

Domain name is similar but quirky


You start at .com which is basically a country (my fellow geeks just let that be, it works for this example) – then you go to “MyKickAssSite”, then to “www”.

MyKickAssSite actually translates to a physical number (an IP address) that “computers” can understand, and makes sure you get to the right place.

Its like jumping on top of a mail truck and riding all the way to your house.

What about the WWW???? that is actually a “sub domain” and you can think of it as a specific “room” in your house.  They wanted to go to your “site” but specifically the living room.  You can have ALL KINDS of sub domains just like rooms in a house.

Ok but what about the stuff AFTER .com??? – this is where things get weird but if we still relate it to your home example it can make sense.  Let’s look a a longer domain name:


As with the previous “following” we ended up in the living room(www) of the home address(MyKickAssSite) in the country(.com)

Everything AFTER the “/” is another refinement inside the room(www).  /awesome – could mean the TV and /sweetDeals could be the commercial paying on the TV.

Clear as MUD?

So you purchase a domain name (MyKickAss.com) and register it with a DNS provider (post office) and they make sure that anyone who uses your address gets to your site!

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