Seize Your Moment

Why did I start this?

I have been working in IT for over 25 years and I jumped on the bandwagon of selling items online quite a while ago.  I wanted to bring my experience to others, help them learn and succeed.  

When I started I made 10’s of dollars online!  Moving up to thousands per year starting in 2013, but that was still a flop to me, but why??  I have the tech skills, I know how to make sites, pages, email lists, automation etc.  BUT I wasn’t generating enough income to “replace” my 9-5 job.

The short reason – lack of training in the marketing part of the process!  I took the 15 day challenge and never looked back!

Take the 15 day challenge and see for yourself.

Become Legendary Today!


What inspired me to do the 15 day challenge?  Our oldest daughter, she started it on her own and has already built a following.  So I started from absolute ZERO, no following on Facebook, Instagram or TickTok to prove/disprove that this stuff really works.  Give it a follow here, or on any of the social media platforms, just remember NonrevZ is the only name you need to know.

You will also see me promoting our other children’s business ventures here as well – and YES I only post to promote if I have ACTUALLY tried it and been successful!


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