There are some free alternatives to Aweber, but since you can use it for FREE now, they aren’t much competition especially to a beginner in online or email marketing.  The account is so easy to setup you can literally just use Aweber for all your beginning affiliate or email marketing needs.  They have landing pages and sign up forms that are very user friendly to create.  Coming from the “tech” world I found them to be too easy in some cases, seriously, I was trying to make it harder than it had to be.

If you are just starting out with an online business and need to get up and running quickly this is it!  Make a landing page and grow your email subscribers list FAST!

Migrating from another provider is also easy, I imported my lists with ease.  I was also able to easily setup my mailing campaigns.  If you followed my legendary links they give you a code to automatically import over 20 emails for an automated campaign within minutes.

I used MailChimp (great product) but I moved to Aweber, better support, in my opinion especially for those who don’t’ want to worry about the tech details.

I says this a lot – “You have to pay for EASY”, but in this case you can get things up and running for FREE!  Yes you can upgrade to get more features and more lists, but starting out the free version is more than enough!

– Kevin


Below is my Legendary Link – in case you want to start a new online income stream with some solid training.  Again “You have to pay for EASY” but even their free info and things under 10bucks are well worth it!  Their blueprints program is the fastest way to get a business online!

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Groove Funnels LIFETIME subscription is literally unbelievable in this day and age.  You can join their “FREE” license for life and get s subset of the products.  They are easy to use even though they are VERY new to the scene.  Click Funnels is the Cadillac of funnel builders, but again “you pay for easy” and it is VERY expensive.  Groove does the things that Click Funnels does, however they have many MORE tools.  Much bigger suite going way beyond funnels into help desk, webinars and more!

If you are already established and looking for an amazing alternative to Click or any other funnel builder I encourage you to check out Groove.  They also have a real LIFETIME license, not its not free, but is about the same as 1 year of Click’s subscription costs, AND you get every tool they make now and in the future.  NO Monthly costs.

– Kevin








When you are selling your own products online there are many places including Amazon, WooComerce, Shopify, they are all very good but this new kid is going to shake things up.  In Amazon you have to win the “buy box” and have to beat the competition on price which can be difficult, but it serves them well.  The other sites do selling very well, no issues with them either, its just that I saw GrooveKart as part of the Groove Suite (life time license info above) and having this integrated into so many other solutions can’t be beat in my opinion.

While I have not sold anything through GrooveKart (not selling my own products at this time), the store front setup is easy and FREE.  You have to pay for easy but this is a great way to get started with no money and get your store launched quickly.  If you get their lifetime license, then the value can’t be beat with all the tools you get across the entire suite.  Groove is way more than a one trick pony!  Try it today and see for yourself!

– Kevin








The entire Groove suite is pretty awesome, but I have used Funnels specifically and was very impressed with their integrations and support.  Their community support is also unbelievable with videos for just about everything.  It is a part of their free suite and if you are just beginning it is a great alternative to Click (because Click costs so  much) and again, not to tout it too much but their lifetime program is relatively cheap for what you get.  Not sure how long that deal lasts though!

But back to funnels, you can make 1 to many page funnels and even utilize slick pop up features that integrate with other programs such as Aweber (another review above).  If you have never used an online editor like this (i.e. WordPress etc.) it will have a learning curve, same as the rest but the videos for “how to” make up for any learning issues you may think you have.

None of this is overnight success and you must put in the work to get traffic and sales, but this is one part that makes your life easier in my opinion.  You need to catch a break somewhere right?  Get Groovy and give it a shot, its free and only costs you some time to learn!

– Kevin






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