Now what? 

None of this makes sense!

Are you frustrated trying to get started?

Confused by all the jargon? DNS, funnel, lists, sites, campaigns????

Let me help!

If you are just starting out in the online world things can get pretty confusing, pretty fast!  There are many sites out there that will get you “hooked” into some pretty pricy subscriptions without you really noticing.  They are usually all “FREE” to start but then you have to start paying, and if you are not making money yet, it is a difficult pill to swallow.

I encourage you to follow this blog on the site, or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter plus I will be starting a TikTok account too.  Next post is DNS and Domain Names!

Quickest Way To get online and running with one of the 4 core business models is to Become Legendary!  But check back here along the way to see how you can save $$ – click the link below to GET STARTED!

Become Legendary




If you already have a business online and need better toolsets, or less expensive ones, check out these that actually let you use them for FREE!  They will work until you become HUGE and need more features, but by then you will be making $$ and the cost isn’t that high!




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