What do I do first?

Searching that question alone will generate too many results online and even more differing opinions.  For me it is easy, you NEED a name!

First step for anything online is a “Domain Name”, it will be the foundation that you can build your brand around.  What is a domain name? Click Here to read about that.

If you know what a domain name is – go GET ONE NOW for very little money and lock in your online presence ASAP.

Step 1 – Connect to Name Cheap namecheap get domain names cheap

Step 2 – find a name for your new business – I used “NonrevZ” and I’m building my brand on it!  Go ahead and purchase this NOW so you can lock it in and start creating a unified brand across all platforms

Step 3 – create social media accounts with this new name!  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.  I have NonrevZ on all of them now, you can follow me just about anywhere.  My website blog auto posts to all social sites I have

Step 4 – Decide if you are you going to create a website yourself or utilize a funnel builder or other platform – If you are only going to start promoting one thing at first – you can go with a funnel or landing page only, no need for an entire site – and all of that can be done in any of the items listed in step 6

Step 5 – If you are going to build a website yourself – get a hosting company – you can just use NameCheap for that too!.  They can host it for you as well! namecheap get domain names cheap

Step 6 – If you are going to use a funnel builder or other platform check out my tool reviews but the basics are:

Step 7 – Get an autoresponder email system – I highly recommend Awebernot only because its one of the best but you will see it reverenced in the training on step 10 – and you get a BUNCH of free templates from the training that automatically import only into Aweber

Step 8 – Get comfortable making videos!  YOU WILL NEED A LOT of them eventually, but you will need a short one for one of the deep dive days in the training from step 10.  Make a new youtube account OR use your personal one, you will host at least 1 video there for your new journey (the rest will probably be on TikTok)

Step 9 – start writing down ideas!  Seems simple, but the first time you get in front of the camera and can’t think of anything to say, these will be helpful.  Start NOW and get a jump start!

Step 10Be Legendary!!! The 15 day challenge that actually works!

There are more steps that the challenge will run through with you.  Remember you are CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!

p.s. remember I say you have to “pay for easy” their blueprints are absolutely the easiest way to get started with a proven system – you will see them in the challenge #Amazing!


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