Ever wanted to try a robot vacuum?

But thought they were too expensive?

I always wanted to try one of these and see the commercials for the big brand names Roomba and Shark, but wasn’t sure how well it would work.  I was especially worried about it handling our carpet (not shag, but plush) and our multiple obstacles, (recliners, tables etc.).  I was not willing to risk $500-$800 to “try it out”.

So I took a chance on a brand name I have never heard of, but it was only $169.99 when I purchase it (and is still at the time of this writing).

I have to tell you this thing worked BETTER than I ever expected.  The bin was FULL of pet hair, I literally couldn’t believe it!  AND the “noise” is WAY less than others I have heard.

The navigation is also impressive, I thought a cheap robot wouldn’t do very well, but it doesn’t.  And the remote control app on the phone is PERFECT to control everything.  There are also automations that can be setup easily.

I setup schedules to clean at least twice a day and automation to “back off” the charger once it hits 100% charged, and many others.

If you ever wanted to try one, I highly recommend this one and it won’t cost you and arm and a leg.



This Little Dude REALLY cleaned up the cat hair out of the carpet!



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