Click funnels offers so much

It got its own review page!

This is simply the easiest and best sales funnel builder out there today.  But remember what I have been saying about “you have to pay for easy”?  This one is not free, it does have a monthly subscription however if you have it in your business budget this is 100% the WAY TO GO!  Remember “do the math” and make sure it makes sense for you!

Support is very fast and extremely helpful (as you would expect) and everyone is trying to copy from their success. (i.e. Groove Funnels).  However they are playing catchup to the entire Groove Suite (at the time of this writing) because Groove is adding more than just hosting and sales funnels.

But back to Click – they run many campaigns to help you jump start your online business, or even to beef up your current one and as you probably guessed they have an affiliate program (which I’m using of course right now).  That is NOT to say that I’m giving a bias review, you know by now I’m straight to the point, no fluff.  

Their drag and drop along with their popup builder work flawlessly compared to others (remember Groove in in Beta as of this writing).  The integrations are amazing and work very well with Aweber, although the base integration requires a double opt in with the email list.  But that can be fixed, just takes a little more work than point and click, but not too hard.

If you are going to go through my Become Legendary page, I ask that you sign up for Click Funnels using my link (selfish plug!) but either way you will not be disappointed with Click’s performance and ease of use.  Not to mention the FREE templates that Legendary gives you.

The ONLY downside I have found with Click so far, is getting “out” to another service.  I helped a client move out of their service and they don’t make it simple (as expected).  To move your DNS out of Click, you MUST move it to DNS Simple, which is a “subscription service” to manage your DNS settings.  You should NEVER need a subscription service to manage DNS, use NameCheap instead, costs less and easy to use.  Then you have to wait 60 days to move it out of DNS Simple, not easy and good way for them to keep making money for sure, so can’t blame them for that!

Now for the Click Funnels offers – and there are a LOT but again well worth it if you are ready!



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